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July 8 th Tate Modern and the Thames River

by Nicosia Rainey-Ray


July 8th

Yesterday we went to a museum of art. It was called The Tate Modern. The museum had a bunch of nudity, they had videos too.
It was everywhere, everywhere you looked there was nudity. The videos disturbed me a lot. One of the images was a naked guy and naked girl passing a ball between each other. Another one was a naked girl laying on the floor and she was getting lettuce, tomato, onion and dressing cut and placed all over her.
The most disturbing one was a guy blowing up a balloon under a naked girls butt. How is this art?
I asked my mom and she said they were all made in the 60's when nakedness was really controversal.
I was really really bored but i liked some japaness animation and an artist named Andy Warhol.
After that we walked along the Thames river. It was very long and wide, the water was dirty and there was only two ducks inside of it.
Probably because of all the water pollution the ducks left.
Over the river there was a Bridge that was inside Harry Potter six, the bridge would get ripped apart to smithereens.
I think that's why they had seven cranes over there. After that we took along bus home and then my mom let me watch TV till 12 o'clock..
TV after nine o'clock is not very good. So I went to my bed to go to sleep.ZzZzZzZzZzZ

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JULY 7TH LONDON-MUSEUMS(which are all free in England)

By Nicosia Rainey-Ray age 11

July 7th London

We woke up really early before the because my mom was getting mad at me because we were not able to go to any of the exhibits because of how late I was with her.
We decided to go to museums. The first museum that we went to was the genelogy Museum which was all about different types of rocks, diamonds, and stalactites.
The Rocks that we saw there were really cool. Some were like Qube sheets, it looks like all of them were plied together. The diamond receptor looked fake plateglass
because we usually see a lot of broken windshield glass in Boston on the streets but the difference was these ones were real.
We also got to feel the rocks at the exhibit, they felt hard, and they felt smooth.
The next museum that we went to was the science Museum. It showed all different types of cars, steam engines, and mobiles in one section and then a bunch of different
types of exhibits about the earth, genes, weather, and what an Earth quake would feel like in another.
The earthquake was really cool because it a platform that you would go on to experience what a real earthquake would feel like.
The ground starts to shake from side to side and then it starts to go on a swaying motion like the waves. Inside of the gift shop
was a person that kept throwing a boomerange over everyone's heads. He hit about five people and everyone was ducking but the guy looked like he did nothing.
And then another guy was throwing an airplane around that would come back to him too. But once it did fall and someone tried to grab it.
I hope for the best for that guy. The last museum that we went to was the Natural History Museum. It was my favorite museum out of all them.
It was a huge museum with three floors and it had about six different sections. In each section has about six exhibits of different things.
My mom went to go take some pictures so she said to meet me at the bug exhibit, I went to the bug exhibit after 30 minute she still wasn't there.
She told me that she looked three times while I was looking for her to time. At that moment I didn't know she was looking for me so I kept walking around the exhibit,
after a while I got bored and went in on the inside of the exhibit watched a huge ant dominate the overs. This was pretty cool.
After a while I heard my mom shout I followed the noise then When she saw me she grabbed me by the arm. Supposedly every single employee inside of the museum
was looking for me and all I was doing was following orders, by my mom.
After `thing we went to the toyshop and I got a key chain with a rock at the end. Right when we got out of toyshop I asked my mom if she could open the keychain holder
and put it on my pants. When I gave it to her she dropped it in the thing broke in half I was really mad but then my mom got me another one, so I was happy.
This one was clear, smooth, and when you shine a light through it makes a raindow. And that's all folks

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July 6th A day to Rest

by Nicosia Rainey-Ray


July 6 th. London

Today I slept untill 1:00 in the afternoon. My mom says i can't do that anymore because we dont get to see anything.
Today we just walked and hung around the neighborhood. We shopped for food and then had to carry it all back in plastic bags that made my hands hurt.
We made dinner for Dan and Catherine, Burrito's my mom's speciality. After dinner she got sick and threw up.
Nobody knew why she just did. It was kind of scary. My dad IM my mom and said maybe she is just run down. I am going to bed early tonight
so i can wake up early and do lots of England stuff tomorrow.

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July 5th Getting to where we are going

Transformers. Yes!!


July 5th- London

we woke up and had breakfast in the morning, well, I woke up in the afternoon. I didn't have anything because I wasn't hungry.
I think it's because we went to a new place and it makes my tummy feel wierd. After my mom ate we went to movie theaters and we saw
"Transformers 2". My mom thought it was better than the first but i still think the first one was better. After the movie we went to my mom's friends house where we
were going to stay in London. At the house we had dinner with his family and relaxed and then I went to watch T.V. It was alot better than the place we stayed in Iceland. Then I went to sleep.

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July 4th 2009 Travel day Iceland to London

by Nicosia Rainey-ray

July 4 th Iceland to London

Today was a travel day. We woke up and had pack our bags. Dad had a smaller bag since he was just staying with us in
Iceland. When we went to the airport we had to say good bye to my Dad. My mom cried a little. When we got on the plane i was hungry.
We had to get Sushi and I thought it was going to be good but it was nasty. So I went with the traditional, a chicken sandwhich.
We were heading to London. I really wanted to go to London because thats where Harry Potter is from. That's why it's cool and everyone talks funny.
We got in really late and we could not find a hotel because Wimbeldon so we walked forever and after a while we had to stay with
these Romanian people who helped us look for a hotel.They were nice. It was July 4th that day and we didn't do anything to celebrate it.
i didn't like it very much, the whole day so I just went to bed.

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Golden Circle Iceland

by Nicosia Rainey-Ray age 11

July 3 Iceland, the Golden Circle

Today is my last full day in Iceland.
If the morning we woke up and my mom and dad rented a car. We rented the car along with two other people, katiline and Oliver.
We drove around to tourist attractions, the oh Circle is a bunch of tourist attraction. The first one that we went to was a big crack in between one big rock, it seems pretty simple, but when it's bigger, it's better.
In between this crack in between the big rocks my teams would have better meet its and talk about stuff. The reason why they talked in between the crack is because
it projected their voices so that they can hear each other better.
The second place we went to was Ticer, it's not like rotten eggs were there. The water was boiling in the geysers it was very hot inside the geysers,
that's one reason why the geysers blow up. Well they don't really blow up, they just burst. It's because of the heat bubbles inside of the water caves,
the water nisi go somewhere so it blows up over the surface making a big explosion. It's like putting Diet Coke in mentis together, makes a big boom.
We went to the waterfall next, it was huge. It was really misty to show you would get cold easy there especially when you're Iceland.
The water will seem so powerful, it was amazing. The waves looked as if it were a way Shields, it was really cool.
Alas thing that we did was we went on a hike, a very long hike. The hike was superrealistic were super really really super super hard, we walked on the path
that was one foot wide so if you took one wrong step would fall down the whole mountain. They said that there would be a prize at the end, a beautiful hot spring,
but there is really just a big mud pit with flies and a too hot river.

It was like mowing the whole lawn because you mom promises you the best cookies ever and then its a soggy cookie full of vegetables.

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Blue Lagoon

Geothermal heat is good for the body, soul, and sustainability


Me and my mom and my dad and i are going to blue Lagoon. It is supposed to be a spa, my mom says it is from geoeconomic heat from lava.
The water blue and it has calcium in it that helps our skin. When I saw the rocks they were white under the water and black over the water,
they were hard rock like igneous rocks. Igneous rocks are volcanic rocks. They have a bunch of holes inside of them because of the lava bubbles pop.
The reason why the rocks underwater our way is because of the calcium on it, it makes rocks very smooth.
The water feels good on my skin because it contains lots of nutrients and a lot of calcium.
The place looked like the moon, because of all the rocks, it almost looked like a cookie, a watery, green Mossed cookie. We went with two friends we met on our trip.
They were named Katia from Germany and Oliver from Mexico and France.I think they will be the coolest people we will meet on this trip but you never know.

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Day One -Reykjavik, iceland

Nicosia Rainey-Ray age 11


Day one Reykjavík Iceland.

When I was walking through the town I noticed that there was no African-Americans. Since I live in Boston I'm used to a lot of African-Americans,
but all I see is a lot of the white people. In the town that we are staying in, it smells, really bad. And Water smells bad to.
My mom and tells me it is because of a volcanic mineral called sulfur. So basically, I'm drinking water with sulfur in it.
At first I thought my mom said Silver, and then I was like oh my God, I'm drinking silver! But then she kept pronouncing it she kept saying sulfur, then I was like,
oh, wow. But for some reason, sulfur tasted gross, and awful. It was in my water to, I like the water back home, it was so, not sulfury, I guess?
Also, while I was walking around in the town I noticed that almost every single boy had the same haircut, short and bowl like. It was very strange, a lot of people
in Massachusetts all have different haircuts like, spiky haircuts, buzz cuts, brades, long and loose, afros, or mine, wavy and short.
But all the adults have different hairdos.
While my family was walking down town and we were hungry we thought.. some hotdogs. The hotdogs there were very skinny and there was like a plastic bag covering over it.
The hotdogs taste awful too, it tasted like there was honey on it, which I thought is very nasty. We are going to be trying lots of wierd food today, so I'm expecting
a bad taste in my mouth, and maybe even some good ones.

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Getting Ready to Go : by Nicosia Rainey-Ray

There is a lot of things out there just waiting for me to explore them

My mom and I are leaving tomorrow. We are traveling out of US . The first place we are going is to Iceland and Dad Is coming with me is one place. I'm going to miss him a lot. One disappointment, I have to say is that it's going to be very cold and I don't really like cold. We are leaving at 11:30 tomorrow morning. People are going to sta at our house while we are gone so I had to clean up my old room. It was hard but I found alot of stuff that we are missing. I'm going to bring some stuff with me for other children I'm going to meet on my trip. I think they will like these toys. I'm going to give them cars, action figures, and other stuff, maybe even in the DVD. I am very excited to see other countries. I especially want to go to Venice. Venice will be awesome because the streets, instead of hard rock and cement, they are made out of water. It's really cool and another place I want to go to is Cyprus. I would like to go to the city nicosia because that is my name. I would also like to go to is Paris. The reason why I would like to go there is because of the food. I have always heard that the food there was great, and I like Food. I will also make a lot of friends on this trip. It will be the experience of a lifetime.

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Planning the trip

Heading to Iceland on Sunday

It's hard for me to plan for most things..i'M FINDING THIS ONE more than difficult. Is it because I only have a few more day? because my son who is 11 will be joining me? It's me and the globe and the internet for the next three days. Figuring out these blogs are not that easy either. Anyway.. I'll be posting a loose itinerary tommorrow.. Wish me luck!

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